The Chernoff Excellence in Statistics Award

The Chernoff Excellence in Statistics Awards is the most prestigious award bestowed by the NESS, given to an individual who, in the tradition of Herman Chernoff’s work, has made exceptional contributions to the theory, methodology, or novel applications to statistics and/or data science.

The inaugural recipient of the Chernoff Award is Shaw-Hwa Lo, Professor of Statistics at Columbia University, Department of Statistics, who, in the tradition of the Herman Chernoff's work, has made exceptional contribution to the theory, methodology, and novel applications of statistics and data science.

IBM Student Paper Competition

We would like to congratulate the winners of the IBM Student Paper Awards (alphabetical order):

  • Moming Li, Guoqing Diao, and Jing Qin:
    "On Symmetric Semiparametric Two-sample Problem".
  • Yan Li, Kun Chen, Jun Yan and Xuebin Zhang;
    "Weight Matrix Construction in Fingerprinting to Improve Detection of Global Temperature Signals in Historical Climate".
  • Xiaokang Liu, Shujie Ma and Kun Chen;
    "Multivariate Functional Regression via Nested Reduced-Rank Regularization"
  • Wei Shi, Ming-Hui Chen, Lynn Kuo and Paul Lewis;
    "New Bayesian Measures for Information and Data Compatibility".

Liberty Mutual Student Poster Competition

We would like to congratulate the winners of the Liberty Mutual Student Poster Awards (alphabetical order):

  • Shajratul Alam, University of Rhode Island
  • Paul Mclaughlin, University of Connecticut
  • Jiahui Yu, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Xiaojing Zhu, Boston University

Travelers Stat-a-thon 2019

We would like to congratulate the winners of the Travelers Stat-a-thon 2019:

Theme 1: Connecticut Housing
  • 1st Place: Madhurya Baruah, Pooja Sudheendra, Wenqi Wang, and Yueyi Wang, Bentley University
  • 2nd Place: Peng Jin, Myeonggyun Lee, and Bin Wang, New York University and Chihua Li, Columbia University
  • 3nd Place: Daniel Kpormegbey and Katherine Zavez, University of Connecticut
  • Honorable mention: Richard Dong and Christa Malan, Easton Country Day School
Theme 2: Customer Retention
  • 1st Place: Ariel Chernofsky, Boston University, Nina Orwitz, New York University and Serena Zhan, Columbia University
  • 2nd Place: Yizhou Mi and Shengjun Wang, Columbia University